What does "Save The World Brewing" mean?

The short answer  is that we are a philanthropic brewery in which we are giving all our net profits away to help those who can’t help themselves.

Which charities do you support?

There are many wonderful charities, and we are focusing on charities that supply a basic human need: food/water, shelter, or clothing.  We’ve chosen charities that do a great job of getting help to the people that need it while minimizing their expenses. Our regular international charity is Food for the Hungry, our regular national charity is the Meals on Wheels, and our our regular local charity is Highland Lakes Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, we’ll be able to give as needs arise and hope to make seasonal beers earmarked for these special causes.

How should I store my beer?

If you’d like to cellar some of our specialty/celebration beers that come in 750ml bottles, store them in a dark area at less than 45 degrees and then allow them to warm up to serving temperature (dependent of the style) before enjoying.

We recommend you enjoy the 12oz bottled beers as soon as you get a chance.

Why did you choose Marble Falls to open a brewery?

If you’ve visited Marble Falls, you can see why their slogan is “Marble Falls, for a weekend or a lifetime”, we chose the latter. The residents are just as beautiful and welcoming as the area. Also, the water in Marble Falls is nearly identical to the water in regions of Belgium that make some of the best beer in the world and since beer is 90-95% water (more in Kraft and less in Craft beer), it’s pretty important.

May I buy beer at your brewery?

YES! After changing the state and local laws and our brewery license, we can now sell beer directly to the consumer. Not only can you buy beer to consume at the brewery you can even take some home whether it be in a 6-pack, a 750 mL bottle, a growler, or even a case! We strive to have the best price for you, so be prepared to take some home.

So where can I get some of your beer?

Currently you can find our beers in the Highland Lakes area, greater Austin, DFW, San Antonio and Hill Country. Check out the “Where to find our beer” tab above. We are constantly adding new accounts, so if your favorite restaurant/bar/bottleshop/grocery/convenience store doesn’t carry us, just ask them!

Do you have tours?

YES! We’ll be doing tours on Friday and Saturdays during tasting room hours. Hope to see you there.

Do you have food?

Guests to our brewery are welcome to bring your own food and enjoy it with our beers, or you can order delightful food from local restaurants that will deliver to the brewery.

What is naturally carbonated or bottle conditioned beer?

Most beer in the US is forced carbonated by injecting carbon dioxide from a tank under high pressure into the beer. We use a slower and time honored process called bottle conditioning or naturally carbonating. At bottling we add a small amount of additional sugar and fresh yeast to our beer to allow the yeast to naturally produce carbonation within the bottle; the same method that champagne is carbonated. Though this is a difficult and time consuming process, we believe it creates a superior beer by greatly extending our shelf life and creating a softer/silkier mouthfeel to our beers. You may notice a small amount of “sleeping yeast” or lees at the bottom of your bottle. There is nothing wrong with drinking this yeast (actually a good source of vitamin B) or you may leave the last sip in the bottle or decant it as you would an aged bottle of fine wine.

Why don’t you filter your beer?

Artificial filtering strips beer of its natural flavors and color. These are things we feel should be left in our beer. Although it may take longer for us to clarify our beers, we feel this is time well spent. Life is already too rushed, we hope our beers are enjoyed carefully, slowly and deliberately, much in the manner we make them.

Are you some sort of treehugger?

I sometimes get this question when people see me roll up in my electric car. I don’t often hug trees, but I do enjoy the outdoors and all that God has created. I believe we as humans have an obligation to be good stewards of our land and leave it a better place for future generations. To that end, we at Save The World Brewing try to implement ideas to help conserve our resources. Our brewery itself was built on reclaimed land that was previously deemed “unbuildable”. Much on the wood in our tasting room is reclaimed lumber. Even our sampler paddles are made from reclaimed pallet wood. All our exterior lights and the bay lights in our brewing area are all low consumption LED fixtures. We have a grey water catchment system and an electric car charging station. We recently added solar panels to our roof that supply nearly all our electric needs. The cleaning and sanitization chemicals we use have been selected to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We try to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever and wherever possible.

How can you give all your profits away?

After we pay our expenses (industry average salaries, utilities, ingredients, etc), we take what’s left and send it off to our charities. Fortunately, we have no loans to repay, investors to pay, or leases. We operate on a cash basis and carry no debt. We have a dedicated staff and volunteers that are willing and able to work long hours for little, if any pay. We don’t take donations, send those on to our charities. We work hard and we love what we do and it’s even sweeter knowing it’s all going to help others who cannot help themselves.

I noticed a cross in your logo. Is this a Christian brewery?

No, buildings cannot be Christian, only people can be. My wife and I have put our hope and faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and try to be true followers of his teachings. People make the message of the bible complicated, full of rules & regulations and this leads to discord and division, but the message is very simple yet profound: God loves us and wants to be with us forever. This happens by us simply accepting his love and returning that love to Him and others. To that end, we want to love God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind and our neighbors as ourselves. We believe if you see where someone puts their money, you’ll see where their heart lies. Our hearts lie in helping our neighbors, whether that neighbor is across the street or across the world. We hope you’ll join us on our journey to simply Save The World!

What kind of beers do you make?

We only brew Belgian style beers. That may sound a bit limiting, but there are nearly 300 different varieties of Belgian beers, so I’m sure you’ll find a few that you like.

Are dogs allowed at the brewery?

Absolutely.  Friendly dogs are welcome outdoors, and service dogs are allowed indoors.

Are your beers vegan friendly?

All our beers are very friendly and have never bitten either a vegan or carnivore. Seriously though, our Verbum In Tenebris is a double milk chocolate stout and therefore does contain lactose; other than that, all our other beers can be considered vegan friendly. No, we do not use isinglass in our beer. So feel free to enjoy!!

Are kids allowed at the brewery?

Of course! We just asked that you keep an eye on them as there are some dangerous areas in breweries. We make our own root beer and ginger ale, but often run out, so don’t make any promises, as all whiners will be promptly directed to the nearest winery!

Are you going to put your beer in cans?

The short answer is no. Now for the why. Cans do have a few advantages. They can be taken to certain areas (rivers, beaches, etc) where glass is not permitted. They are lighter, which helps with transportation costs. Their main advantages to breweries, is that they are cheaper, much cheaper than glass. Now, some will state that they provide more UV protection to help prevent skunking than glass does. Yes, but only if you are talking about a light colored beer in a clear bottle in direct sunlight. Flint glass (brown bottles) provide 100% protection from UV light emanating from tungsten and fluorescent light bulbs. Even in direct sunlight, it provides 97% protection. This also does not account for the fact that 12 oz bottles are generally kept in opaque carrier packs that give an additional 100% protection from UV light. Now “skunky” beer sounds terrible, but when have you noticed this off-flavor even while drinking your favorite Mexican beer in a clear bottle in the sunshine? Both cans and bottles should be impermeable to oxygen. The environmental impact of cans and bottles is about equal. Now for the advantages of glass. Glass has been used for centuries and is made from three simple ingredients: sand (silica), limestone, and soda ash. Nowadays, cullet (recycled crushed glass) is also added. It is inert and does not impact flavor nor does it leach into the beer. The problem with aluminum cans is the lining on the inside of the cans that keep it from giving a “metallic/tinny” flavor to the beer. This epoxy lining contains chemicals which may include BPA (bisphenol A) which has been linked to many health problems. We at Save The World Brewing do not want to expose our customers to any potentially harmful chemicals and using glass bottles helps us achieve that goal. Additionally, all our bottled beers are naturally carbonated and many can be stored and cellared. Prolonged exposure of alcohol to an epoxy lining increases the potential that chemicals can be leached out and into the beer. We recommend that our beers should be poured into an appropriate beer glass to fully enjoy the attributes of our beer. But we do realize that some people will drink their beer straight from the packaging container. With bottles, this will not affect the flavor, but with cans you are putting your lips directly on the aluminum which can give the beer a “metallic” flavor. Furthermore, most cans do not have a protective cover over the top, and drinking from this exposed area is just plain gross. Some will argue that cans cool down quicker, which is true, but so is the reverse. Glass is a better insulator, so if you want to keep your beer cold, glass is better. To summarize, good beer deserves glass!

Save The World

We are America’s first 100% philanthropic production craft brewery.

After years of perfecting our recipes and using only the finest grains, hops and yeast, we feel we have crafted some delicious ales for you, but grab a bottle and decide for yourself, knowing that you’re helping to Save The World one beer at a time!

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